Testimonial – Jennifer M.

 Lakeshore Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center changed my life. I first came to their office in late 2013 with severe back and leg pain due to a few herniated discs. I had already sought treatment from another local chiropractor but their one size fits all approach wasn’t working. Enter Dr. Tavenner and Sara, the masseuse. I initially entered the office a skeptic and left a believer.

From my very first visit, it was clear that the staff truly cared about its patients and was committed to addressing the issues at hand. Over a few months, they helped address my pain to where it was manageable on a daily basis so that I could continue to work, etc. And when I ultimately had surgery, they provided physical therapy and assisted me on the road to recovery.

Now, nearly two years later, I remain a client and continue to visit the office at least monthly for a “tune up” to make sure that everything is aligned as it should be. And my husband is now a client too. I really appreciate Dr. Tavenner’s custom client approach and his patience with even the most insane of questions/worries. He is an absolute gem. The service he provides today is as effective as that when I first walked through his doors and has evolved as my medical needs have changed. He is a fantastic and very kind/caring doctor and a skilled leader as evidenced by how smoothly his practice runs. Sara is also amazing and has a focused and empathic approach.

I have seen several chiropractors in Chicago and simply put, Lakeshore is the unparalleled best. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, I highly recommend you visit Lakeshore Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center and support this phenomenal local business. 

– Jennifer M.