Many people are unaware about the types of conditions that can be treated naturally at Lakeshore Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center (LCRC). However, most people do know that if they have a spinal related problem, then a Chiropractic office is where he/she should be in order to rehabilitate themselves. So it may surprise you that LCRC has extensive training treating a variety of other problems that can occur in the body. Below we have put together a small list of our most common treatments. This is not an exhaustive list of what we are capable of handling.

Chiropractic Adjustments

This treatment modality is what Chiropractor’s are most well known for and serves to help correct abnormal movement patterns in your spine. Each vertebrae in your spine forms a joint with the vertebrae above and below it, so just like any other joint in the body, they can become misaligned due to a numerous amount of reasons. A Chiropractic adjustment can help restore balance and proper alignment to the vertebrae thus improving mobility, reducing pain and keep your spine functioning at it’s best. In addition, you may not know, Chiropractors are also expertly trained to align other joints in the body as well, such as ankles, wrists, hips, etc. Chiropractic adjustments are part of most treatment plans at LCRC.

Muscle Manipulation

Muscle manipulation is similar to Chiropractic adjustments, however this is specific to a patient’s muscles, ligaments and tendons. Chiropractic doctors are trained to use their hands to in order to make the proper changes in these tissues in order to stimulate the healing process. Muscle manipulation works by improving blood flow, re-positioning scar tissue and/or reducing fascial restrictions. Muscle manipulation is part of most treatment plans at LCRC.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a modality used to address muscle weaknesses and imbalances, joint range-of-motion and restore proper firing patterns. Physical Therapy is part of some treatment plans at LCRC.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Proper alignment of the foot is crucial for overall body positioning and balance. If you do not have properly supported arches and ankles, then this can create other problems in the body such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, shin splints, SI joint dysfunction, knee pain and neck pain. At LCRC, we have equipment necessary to assess whether or not your foot is a creating dysfunction in the body as well as design a foot/shoe insert that will be able to support your foot where it’s most needed.

Massage Therapy

At LCRC, we have clinically trained massage therapists who have the ability to offer a numerous amount of massage options such as pre-natal, deep tissue, rehabilitative, athletic, swedish and lymphatic. You don’t need to be a patient of ours to schedule these services, however if you’re looking to use your insurance to cover massage then you would have to see Dr. Tavenner first to establish medical necessity. If you prefer to pay out-of-pocket, then we have single massage rates as well as package plans available.


Acupuncture helps to identify areas of blood stagnation and impairment. By the use of needles, the Acupuncturist is able to help improve blood flow to areas of the body that may be deficient. With improved blood flow comes healing elements such as nutrients and oxygen. Dr. Tavenner has also found that for very stubborn cases of muscle tightness and chronic pain, Acupuncture has been effective to penetrate deep into the muscles to help relieve pain and inflammation. Some insurances will cover this modality and is worth you calling your insurance and investigating.

Electrical Stimulation

This modality is used to help decrease pain, improve blood flow, relieve muscle spasms and improve strength in areas that may need neurological stimulation. This is accomplished by sending very small electrical current into affected muscles or other tissues. E-stim is a great therapy for relaxing spasms and tightness in the back and neck. This modality is used in some treatment plans at LCRC.

Ultrasound Therapy

Therapeutic Ultrasound Therapy is used to stimulate blood flow to injured tissues in the body, ie muscles, ligaments, tendons. Ultrasound is very easy on the body and can be used on many different body parts. Depending on your condition, this modality may or may not be part of your treament plan.

Nutritional Consultations

You are what you eat….and you are also what your food eats! At LCRC, we offer Nutritional consultations that serve to help you identify barriers in your diet that may be suppressing your ability to lose weight, causing inflammation or bringing down your overall health. Also, if your looking to optimize your body, you may be surprised about the degree of impact your diet plays on your mental and physical performance in life.

Sleep Imbalance

Many people struggle with getting quality sleep at night. Without quality sleep, you can start to experience recurrent illness, fatigue, irritability, weight gain, inflammation and a host of other problems that could affect your life. With that in mind, we offer tests in the office to assess your circadian rhythm and hormonal balance in order to identify hidden causes of your sleeping difficulty.