Teig Schneider, L.M.T.

Teig Schneider is originally from Michigan and came to Chicago in the winter of 2007 to pursue the live acting scene. In the process taking acting classes and auditioning, his search for a job that simply, “he did not want to hate,” he found his real passion: healing through touch. For Teig, massage is the perfect combination of mind and body: critical thinking, creativity, and physical exercise. Not everyone can say that they love their job or that work is a place for escape from the stress and hustle of life. But that is exactly what massage therapy is for Teig. Not only he is passionate about helping others to heal, it is the very practice of massage therapy that is healing to Teig.

Since finding his passion, Teig has been practicing massage therapy in Chicago for over eight years and has over 8,000 hours of experience in both spa and clinical settings. As a graduate of the Soma Institute, he applies a diverse approach to each treatment as he combines swedish, deep tissue, trigger point and sports massage techniques that best suit each patient.

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