Bad Posture from the Workplace: Subclavius

View this post on Instagram Video #3: Posture in the Workplace. Today Teig Schnieder, LMT covers the subclavius muscle and how to effectively stretch it while sitting (or preferably standing) at your desk! Watch and let us know if you have questions! #posture #chicago #michiganave #chicagochiropractor #officework #massagetherapy A post shared by Lakeshore Chiropractic (@lakeshore_chiropractic)[…]

Can Acupuncture and Herbs Help with Your Anxiety?

Anxiety presents in many shapes and sizes.  It might present as general over worry, or nervousness and fear in social settings, or questioning of self worth and full blown panic attacks.  And when any of these symptoms start interfering with your daily quality of life, it is worth addressing.  Traditional Chinese medicine, through acupuncture and[…]