Do You Suffer From Bunions?

300px_Hammerzehen_vorherIf your having pain near the joint of your big toe, then you may be suffering from a Bunion. Bunions are a common condition that I see in my practice and depending on the person, they can be a significant source of foot pain. The most common type of Bunion involves the joint of your Great Toe. Pain is produced due to abnormal pressure being placed on the joint and the subsequent way the joint moves (dysfunctional). There are many causes of this misalignment most notably excessive pronation due to lack of arch support (simply put: flat feet), increased weight gain and narrow shoes. Other less common causes of bunions include traumic events, inflammatory arthritis and ligamentous laxity.


The good news is that Bunions can be treated and, if caught early enough, the development can be significantly slowed down. At download__1_the clinic, we take an active approach to restore proper joint motion in the foot, improve muscle imbalances in the foot and ankle and provide therapy to help relieve pain. We also custom fit foot orthotics to help support the arch which helps keeps the foot/toe functioning properly. Typical treatments for a bunion range from 6-10 sessions depending on the severity of the dysfunction. So, if you were told by anyone that surgery is your only option or you have tried over-the-counter orthotics then I would strongly consider calling the office and scheduling an evaluation. I’ve helped many people with this problem and am confident that I can help you!!

“Bunion pain decreases by an average of more than 90% after a course of Chiropractic care.” – Foot (EdinB). 2011 Jun;21 (2);71-8

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  • Thanks for the information about bunions. My brother has been complaining about pain by his big foot, so I’ll tell him this. I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear that they can be treated if caught early!

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