Is Your Poor Head Posture Killing You?

I know what your asking yourself, “Isn’t Dr. Tavenner being a little dramatic right now? How can my posture affect my longevity?” Well, if you have not actually done any research about this topic, which I’m sure 99% of you haven’t, then yes I could see how this may seem a little outlandish. However, the unfortunate news is that there is more and more research mounting that confirms a correlation between the position of your head and length of your life.

A 2004 study in the Journal of American Geriatric Society (J Am Geriatric Soc 2004, Oct; 52/10: 1662-1667) Posture_and_Your_Health_img_2revealed that those classified with Anterior/Forward Head Carriage (shown above in phase 2 and 3 of picture), had a 1.44 greater rate of mortality. Explainations indicate that the more your head moves forward on your body (protrusion), the more it affects your maximum lung capacity. As you breathe, your lungs expand in all directions including upwards towards your collar bones.

When your head is positioned forward, the weight shifts in such away that it blocks the normal elevation of your first rib and ultimately decreases the amount of air your lungs can take in. In addition, if this is left uncorrected it will continue to get worse and worse as you age.

Posture_and_Your_Health_img_3Chiropractic can be very corrective for such a condition.  Correction involves aligning your cervical spine (neck) and removing any joint fixations in order to promote chin retraction (chin in). Also re-invigorating muscles in your chin and removing tightness in the back of your neck that will also help retract your chin.

The treatment length for Anterior Head Carriage and Poor Posture is typically 6 visits depending on the severity of your protrusion. With those 6 visits, Lakeshore Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center can give you all the tools neccessary to alleviate your neck strain, help improve your posture and ultimately lengthen your life!!!


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